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  • October, 2017
    Aerial Fly Over of Atocha & Margarita Site

  • We are very excited to see if the storm may have uncovered some treasure out on the Atocha and Margarita sites! The Margarita main pile was actually spotted visually after a storm uncovered it. We completed an aerial survey over the sites. The goal for this first flight was to insure we could embed the GPS and Altitude data into the metadata for each photo. We will try again once things clear up! Stay tuned for more exciting news as the weather calms down and things heat up on the sites!
  • Salvage Operations Updates
  • Magruder
  • Last week mother nature gave us a short weather window allowing the Magruder to head out to Emerald City. A few enthusiastic Mel Fisher's Expedition members made the trip out to the site to capitalize on the weather window that was closing quickly. Once aboard the Magruder, the group sifted for Emeralds until that weather window closed even quicker than planned. The boat crew secured the Magruder and the members onboard took a ride to the Marquesas to find calmer water for the transfer back to the Huntress. Although we were only able to get 2 sifts in, and no emeralds turned up, it was still a great day on the water and everyone had a lot of fun on the adventure. Just like Mel said in 1975, "If treasure hunting was easy, everybody would be doing it." 
  • Dare
  • Now that the season for "Lost Merchant" is over, It is time to transition the boat back to the equipment need for salvage operations on the Atocha and Margarita site.The crew of the Dare has been working hard this week to get the mailboxes back on so that we can head out to the quicksands area as soon as the weather clears. Papo and the crew are anxious to get out to the site to see what Hurricane Irma turned up!

  • October, 2017
    Salvage Boats Update!

  • As you know from previous messages, Mel Fisher Expeditions has resumed all operations after Hurricane Irma. We feel fortunate because much of the Keys are still in need of major help and support. Many keys residents have lost everything and our thoughts and prayers go out to them.


    So what's happening moving forward with our salvage operations?


    Now that the worst is over, we're hoping that hurricane Irma may have uncovered a few prizes for us on the Atocha and Margarita trails! To give you an idea how much a hurricane as powerful as Irma can change the seafloor, consider this; the Cayman Salvager is a 137 foot vessel that was sunk in Key West as an artificial reef. It sits in about 96 feet of water and during Irma it was moved over 300 feet across the ocean floor! Most of the area surrounding the Atocha and Margarita debris trail is known as the Quicksands and if you are diving in this area it looks like a desert with rolling sand dunes. During normal weather patterns these underwater sand dunes shift and change. Maybe it's time for Mother Nature to uncover some of the treasure that has been resting undisturbed on the ocean floor since 1622!


    This week while the wind and seas are still too rough to work on the site we have been discussing plans to fly a plane over this area of both wreck sites and take digital photos of any anomaly's that stand out and mark their position with a handheld GPS for the boats to check out. We're looking at doing this sometime next week so stay tuned for more information on this.


    Currently the Dare is being kept at our hurricane hole in Jacksonville due to the unsafe condition off the east coast of Florida. If you've been watching the Weather Channel at all you've seen them reporting on the 10-13 foot seas off of New Smyrna Beach just south of Jacksonville! This strong on-shore wind has been building the seas since hurricane Maria passed by last week and we haven't been able to get a window of calm weather to get the Dare back offshore for her return to Key West. We're hoping to get them underway by early next week before another tropical system has a chance to spin up.


    It was a very productive season on the Lost Merchant project in terms of the amount of search area we covered before the hurricanes started rolling through. We had three hurricanes that kept us moving the Dare to avoid their wrath. Once Irma passed, we had tropical force winds from Jose, and then Maria.


    As you know, we have a small window of opportunity to search for the Lost Merchant each year and this season was a battle all the way but we did generate some good targets and will be processing all of the side scan and magnetometer data over the next few months.


    The Magruder made it through the Hurricane with flying colors, but after a mechanical inspection we found that the power of Irma's winds forced rain water up the exhaust pipe on one of the generator motors preventing it from starting. The crew got on it right away and the problem has been resolved. At this time the Magruder is fueled, provisioned and ready to resume the search along the Atocha Trail. We expect the weather to keep us at the dock for at least another week, but we are ready to go!

    The Sea Reaper evacuated to Mexico and after Irma passed, the crew went out to the Saint Margarita site. The Sea Reaper is working toward our quest to recover the missing section of the Santa Margarita. Work started along the Eastern side of the main wreck scatter in an area that had no previous excavation. Material was light for the most part. On the very first excavation, the team recovered a lead musket ball, which was the first of 49 recovered throughout the day. We always get excited finding musket balls in a new area because more often than not, divers tend to find gold artifacts in the vicinity. Mel used to always say that "lead leads to GOLD!" The next day, musket balls continued coming up, totaling 76 for the trip! Aside from the occasional olive jar sherd or encrusted object, very little material was being recovered. The following day, Captain Dan Porter decided to move to an area along the main trail that had light excavation. From there, they concentrated on the Western section of the site, finding lite material including lead sheathing, olive jar sherds and ballast. Then, on the last excavation of the day, a diver surfaced with a silver coin and an encrusted object.


    Stay tuned for more exciting news as the weather calms down and things heat up on the sites!

  • Sptember, 2017
    Boats and building OK!

  • Mel Fisher's Treasures is proud to be part of the resilient Key West community. Our hearts go out to those who've lost their homes and to the brave men and women who are working day and night to put the Keys back together. We are very happy to announce that our staff is accounted for and safe! Along with our staff, the museum, our stores and our salvage boats made it through the hurricane unharmed. Once we get power and water back in Key West, we will clean up and get back to treasure hunting! Today's the day!
  • Magruder docked in Stock Island

  • Over view of Mel Fisher's Treasures Greene Street, store and Museum

  • Dare Boat safely docked in Jacksonville

  • August, 2017
    Lost Merchant Update!

  • Our crew on the Dare worked 24/7 on the Lost Merchant area. They surveyed approximately 220 linear nautical miles with a side scan swath width of 350 meters as well as covering the area beneath the side scan sonar with a magnetometer. There's a few interesting targets that we will dive with Dolores in the weeks to come!.

  • June 11, 2017

  • The Dare found 3 silver coins this week on the Atocha Trail. The Magruder found a gold artifact on June 11th.

Watch the Magruder crew's reaction to the gold find! We recovered a similar artifact in 1985. We are excited for the boats to come in and bring the new find to the lab for our experts to examine! Stay tuned for more information from this week's trip.

  • May, 2017

  • Last week Mel Fisher's Expeditions members gazed into the past, celebrated the present and toasted to the future of treasure hunting!

  • You can view and download Division Week event pictures HERE! Congratulations to David and Shirley Wadell for winning the "Pin the Stern Castle on the Trail 2016" game. A 1/4 share contract has just been added to their account! The Dirkes Family won the costume contest at the Casa Marina Costume Gala.
  • Despite the windy weather and rough seas, we had a number of productive days on the Atocha and Margarita wreck sites! Our members, while diving alongside our crew members on the Dare, found a silver 8 real coin which had to be chiseled out of the bedrock.

Katie Dirkes found a beautiful dark emerald while emerald sifting on the Magruder.

The Sea Reaper crew found a silver coin and a cannon ball on the Margarita site.

Thanks to our members for submitting their Diving and Emerald City photos taken during Division Week! We'll be announcing the upcoming July and September Emerald City dates soon. Just remember you must be an active member to go out to the site. On behalf of the entire Fisher Family, our dedicated divers and office crew, thank you for your encouragement, support and participation in Mel Fisher's Treasures' Expeditions.

  • March, 2017

  • Emerald Sifting Mel Fisher's Treasures
  • The Dare has completed setting up for emerald city airlifting and is currently working a hotspot where we have found dark emeralds, gold beads and gold jewelry in the past. The wind is forecast to be up and down for the next few days and the guys will be on site working through it. Yesterday afternoon calmed down a bit and we were able to get some good shots and a short video clip of the new airlift system in action.

  • March, 2017

  • Mel Fisher's Treasures Shipwreck Finds
  • With such a short weather window, the Sea Reaper team decided to try a new area that has had little known work in the past, to the East of the known scatter of shipwreck-related material. On the first day the divers recovered a variety of material from this area, including carpenters tools, lead musket balls, ship spikes and olive jar sherds. Divers continued to recover material from the same area on the second day of work, and during the most easterly excavation, Josh Fisher recovered a large three-legged iron pot, about 1 ft. in diameter and 1ft. tall. The pot was heavily encrusted but intact, and a very impressive find.
  • On the third day of excavations, the Sea Reaper moved 2,400 ft. to the North and worked in an area nearly 500 ft. East of the main area of known shipwreck scatter. A small iron key, as well as an encrusted sword handle was recovered by diver Rob Hill.
  • Stay posted for more finds as the weather begins to calm down and all the boats are on the sites.
  • Mel Fisher's Treasures Iron Pot Found 2017 Shipwreck Treasure

    • January, 2017

    • Happy New Year’s everyone! The weather finally gave our salvage team a break last week. The Sea Reaper and the Dare made it out to search the Atocha and Margarita trails for treasure.

    • Sunset over the Margarita Trail 
    • The Dare searched the deep mud west of the Atocha main pile and discovered some exciting artifacts.The crew found an Atocha timber over 8 feet long! In the last dig hole they located some large ballast stones and recovered an ornate silver object that might be part of the rim to a large silver platter. The timber was measured and documented then put back on the ocean floor with a tag attached. Since we have not found any silver bars past the “Bank of Spain”, one might deduce that most of the heavy artifacts (chest of coins, silver bars, and bronze cannons) are still fairly close to the main pile area or along the deep mud trail to its northwest. We will continue our exploration of the deep mud west of the Atocha main pile on our next trip.
    • Silver Bowl found on Atocha Site 2017 Mel Fishers Treasures
      Silver object found by the Dare on the Atocha Trail
    • Atocha Timber found on Atocha site 2017
      Atocha timber on the deck of the Dare
    • Captain Dan Porter and the Sea Reaper worked tirelessly on the Margarita trail up until the cold front hit the Keys. The crew recovered 31 pieces of pottery, 3 encrusted objects, 2 sword blade fragments and 6 pieces of lead sheathing from the hull of the Margarita. The 3 encrusted objects will go to our lab for conservation to unveil what treasure is underneath the encrustation! Captain Dan is a big part of our plans to put treasure on the deck in 2017.  He has archival data that talks about a second Margarita site the Spanish worked back in 1623 and 1624. Dan worked successfully with the Fisher Family in the past and has been brought back to find this elusive margarita pile.
    • Mel Fisher's Treasures
      Rob Hill and Levin Shavers bringing up artifacts 
    • Captain Andy and crew are finishing up installation of the Magruder's new 50 KVA generator.  We also have a pair of new mailboxes for the Magruder that need to be installed.  This installation will require pulling the Magruder out the water to build frames to hold the mail boxes in place.   


      As soon as we get a break in the weather our boats will head back out to the sites!

    December, 2016


  • October, 2016

  • BY MANDY MILES - Key West Citizen Staff

  • Jason Smause, a diver with Mel Fisher’s Treasures, surfaced from a dive last month holding a 46-inch-long metal object that had lain on the ocean floor for exactly 394 years, almost to the day.
  • Before Smause, the last person to have gripped the hilt of the slim sword known as a rapier would have been a Spanish sailor who would have worn the rapier at his hip.

    “That’s what’s so cool about this find is that it’s a genuine weapon, a dueling sword that would have been carried and used by sailors and soldiers in the 1600s,” said Capt. Andy Matroci, captain of the treasure-hunting boat, J.B. Magruder.

    Matroci meticulously maps the areas of the vast ocean that his crew will search with underwater, handheld metal detectors. They’re seeking — and still finding — remaining treasure from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, the Spanish galleon that sank in a hurricane off Key West in September 1622.

    The storm sent the ship and most of her crew and cargo to the ocean floor, and scattered some of it in a miles-long trail over the churning waves.

    Matroci’s crew aboard the Magruder returned to Key West on Sunday, bringing with them the prized rapier, as well as several other ancient artifacts, including square metal spikes such as were used in the construction of the galleon, as well as some pottery pieces. The treasure was found under about 15 feet of sand in an area known as the Quicksands, Matroci said.

    Once on land, the rapier and other artifacts were turned over to John Corcoran, chief conservator for Mel Fisher’s Treasures. Corcoran will carefully and patiently wait for a process known as electrolysis — when an electric current moving through water — is used to remove the rock-like layers of concretion from the rapier and its handle.

    Much of the blade is exposed, but the hilt, or handle, remains covered in concretion and will take months to conserve, Corcoran said.

    Additional pieces of treasure that look the same on the ocean floor are the ancient emeralds from the Atocha. Investors in the continuing treasure hunt were able to participate in the search for Atocha emeralds last month, and retrieved five emeralds from the ocean depths, adding to the coffers of this year’s treasure finds.

    And finally, a subcontractor group of divers has been working the site of the Atocha’s sister ship Santa Margarita, which sank in the same storm in 1622.

    Crews from the Sea Reaper, which includes Mel Fisher’s grandson, Josh Fisher-Abt, have been continuing to excavate the Margarita wreck site and last month returned with something that to an untrained eye looks like an oddly shaped rock. But the skilled eye of a treasure diver knows those rocks are actually clumps of silver coins that have been joined together by centuries of concretion.

    Corcoran will also be busy removing the concretion to expose the coins that haven’t been touched in nearly 400 years. 

    The treasure crews will return to their underwater work once the winds and water calm down following Hurricane Matthew, Matroci said.


  • September, 2016

  • We're excited to announce that another five emeralds were found during the last Emerald City trip of the season! Our members worked alongside the Magruder boat crew in the 'dark emerald area' of the Atocha Trail. Typically when our team is working this area fewer emeralds are discovered, but the ones found are of a significantly higher quality due to the color and clarity. With the exception of Saturday's tropical depression that came in from the south, we had great weather. It has been an exciting week here in the office listening for a radio call every time an emerald was found!
  • Congratulations Mark Long, Mary Baumann and Laurie Coe on recovering your very own piece of history!
  • Emeralds Found Mel Fisher's Treasures

Emeralds Found Mel Fisher's Treasures


  • August, 2016

  • The boats are back in port this week due to the tropical system that passed just to our south. It has moved into the eastern Gulf of Mexico and is strengthening a bit and projected to turn Northeast and head into the Tallahassee area as a tropical storm in a few days. The seas should calm down by early next week and we will be back on site by next Wednesday.

  • “Cocktail Bill” coming up with the adze

  • Captain Andy and crew came in a few days ago with some great finds from the Northwest end of the Atocha trail. They found 5 silver coins, a lead musket ball, spikes, pottery shards and a carpenter's adze which is a tool that is similar to an axe but its cutting edge is perpendicular to the handle and is used by shipwrights to shape wooden timbers and beams on the ship.

    They also found a very interesting artifact that looks like a flat, 4" square piece of stone that could be onyx! We'll have to wait and see what our conservator John Corcoran finds out when he researches this piece. Captain Andy said that he remembers finding a similar but large piece like this back in 1986 from the Main Pile area of the Atocha site. We'll let you know what we find out.
  • Captain "Papo" and the Dare crew are also back in port after locating a number of EM hits, one of which turned out to be a large iron bomb strap that held a 400lb navy bomb on the bottom of an airplane many years ago when this area was used as a live fire bombing range. This work was also captured by a Discovery Channel film crew that was on board the Dare as part of a show that will air in January or February called "Cooper's Treasure".
  • You can find out more about it here!
  • Before the film crew arrived, the Dare crew spent an exhausting few days trying to locate EM target #683 in the deep hard mud using the suction dredge that's temporarily replacing our failed airlift compressor. They excavated a 14ft diameter area centered on the hit coordinates, went down about 4ft and still have no reading on the hand-held detectors. This had us scratching our heads a bit in frustration and we started questioning the target. Was the big hit from the small 3" bomb fragment we found 6" down on the initial circle search we conducted before we started excavation? Was it a false positive target?

  • While the tropical winds are blowing, we decided to go back and try to analyze the data once again but in much more detail this time. We called on our EM engineers, the guys that developed this EM system and came to some very positive conclusions.
  • - The target is not the shallow 3" bomb fragment we found, way too big for that.
  • - It is not a false-positive, we saw the same target on two different runs in the same spot, and raw data looks good.
  • - The target appears to be NON-FERROUS!!! (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper) See our results below.
  • - We must have just missed it and need to widen the 14' diameter excavation area.

  • From our EM/Geophysical experts:

    “I looked at the raw data and by comparing the “I” and “Q” values of this anomaly it appears NON-Ferrous (I and Q values are correlated).  I have attached a zoom-in of the I/Q values for this anomaly in all three coils.  Also attached is a slide that we've briefed in the past showing I/Q values over various non-ferrous and ferrous items.  If you look at the data in this slide you can see “I” and “Q” are correlated for non-ferrous items and anti-correlated for ferrous items.”

    This image shows hit #683’s signature in the 3 receiver coils with the plot for the I & Q values matching up on top of one another which is a very good indicator that this target is NON-Ferrous!

    This image shows the EM signature of a few ferrous and non-ferrous test targets. You can see on the aluminum and brass pipe targets that the “I” (in-phase) positive red and negative blue signals line up in the same order as the “Q” (quad-phase) signals below indicating a non-ferrous target.

    This is very exciting and we can't wait to take delivery of our new Kaiser M57 Offshore air compressor next Tuesday and head out to the site to relocate and identify this great target!!!
    Stay tuned…


  • August, 2016
    Check presentation to Wesley House Family Services

  • Mel Fisher's Treasures Wesley House
  • August our Mel Fisher's Treasures team presented a check to Wesley House Family Services for $15,500 as a result of Mel Fisher Days 2016! A big thank you goes out to everyone who came to our events and supported the charity! See you at Mel Fisher Days 2017!

  • August, 2016
    See Mel Fisher's Treasures on Channel 10

  • Watch Mel Fisher's Treasures tonight on 10News WTSP’s ‘On The Road’. Last week reporter Bobby Lewis joined us here in Key West to explore our Treasure Store and our conservation lab!

  • July 20, 2016

    Thirty-one years ago today, Mel Fisher and his golden crew were the first to lay eyes on the Atocha's Motherlode since it was lost in 1622. From that momentous day forward, many lives have been touched with this inspirational story of hard work and perseverance. July 20, 1985 will always be a monumental day in Mel Fisher's Treasures' history and we continue to add more "Today's the day" moments as we search for the rest of the Atocha and Margarita treasure. Our continued success wouldn't be possible without our brave crews, our investors, and the community of Key West!

  • Thank you to everyone who attended Mel Fisher Days events and supported the Wesley House. We greatly appreciate all the businesses that donated to our annual silent auction and all of our volunteers who gave a helping hand at our events. Congratulations to all of our contest winners! We are still totaling up the proceeds we raised for Wesley House Family Services, stay tuned for the final count!

  • July, 2016

    Mel Fisher Days t-shirts are going fast, don't miss out on our first ever $2,500 T-Shirt Lottery! Purchase your Mel Fisher Days T-Shirt at either of the Mel Fisher Locations in Key West or at the Mel Fisher Days events for your chance to win! T-Shirts are on sale now until Saturday, July 16th at the "Party Like a Local" Block Party. There will be one winning T-Shirt! The winner will be announced at the Block Party at 9:30 pm. Winner must be present with the winning T-Shirt to claim the treasure chest filled with $2,500 in gold Dollars! Key West store locations: 200 Greene St. & 613 Duval St.

  • May, 2016

    Unfortunately tropical storm Colin has kept us at the dock for the last week but the skies are clearing and we are heading back out to the wreck site tomorrow!

    Captain Andy and the Magruder crew will be heading back up the trail to the Quicksand's in search of the Stern Castle. The Dare will be heading back to the deep mud to uncover the "hits" they recorded on the last trip. Stay tuned for updates!

    Click the image below to watch the Dare setting anchors.

  • May, 2016

    It was a great week out on the Dare!

    We began checking our most recent EM targets in an area at the north end of Emerald City and located a number of bomb fragments and modern material but also found a crushed cup of some sort. It is a very utilitarian looking cup with a flat, metal strap handle and looks to be made of silver, lead or tin. It will take a little time for John in our conservation lab to determine what it's actually made of so stay tuned!

    We then moved the Dare up the trail to an area of deep mud that no one has worked since the 80's, if at all. We had a few magnetometer hits in the area from past surveys so we picked an area and began our survey with Dolores and the EM system. After generating more targets we began the process of locating and identifying them to help build our target profile library and fine tune our new EM file processing software. During one of our excavations with the mailboxes, John had a small hit on the hand held metal detector. After digging through approximately 3 feet of hard mud, the dive crew said the hit was making the metal detector scream! After more digging, the divers started to reveal what looked like part of a barrel hoop from the Atocha. The excitement soared as the deeper they dug they recovered a fully intact barrel hoop and still had the detector screaming in the bottom of the airlift hole. The digging continued and more parts of barrel hoops where recovered. We hit this area with the mailboxes again hoping to get further down into the hard packed mud to see if there was anything else hiding there. We found a small E.O. (encrusted object) which looks like silver, but again, we'll have to wait for it to be cleaned up in the lab to be sure.

    As our trip was coming to an end the weather forecast was calling for small craft warnings, so we decided to do more survey work in the northwest direction. We flew Dolores and the EM system for a good part of the day covering as much ground as possible before Mother Nature forced us back to port but not without new targets for our next trip!

    The initial results of this survey look very promising! Check out the "Latest Finds" video below to watch the guys uncover the fully intact barrel hoop.

  • May, 2016

    After crunching some of last week's EM data Vice President, Gary Randolph, is excited to announce that it looks like he has an interesting target!

  • Mel Fisher's Treasures Historic Shipwreck Recovery
  • One of the reasons he is excited about this target is because when we surveyed this area with a magnetometer in the past we didn't get any hits close to this spot. This suggests that this new EM target may not be ferrous (iron) in nature. If it is a true non-ferrous target (i.e. gold, silver, copper, bronze) we may have something very interesting from the Atocha here.

    Stay tuned as the Dare is underway now heading to the Atocha site to dig out this "hit".

    Mel Fisher's Treasures Historic Shipwreck Recovery

  • March, 2016

    The wind has let up and the Dare is underway to the Margarita site!

    Captain Andy and his crew are still working on the Magruder. The main objective has shifted from the mail boxes to making sure the hull is sound and seaworthy. During their hull inspection process they identified quite a few areas in the hull that need to be patched so this is the priority at the moment.

    The Dare will work the Margarita site as long as this calm weather holds. The crew will be working a spot just to the west of the "Cannon Ball Clump" area which in years past, produced a significant amount of gold chains and gold coins indicated by the yellow marks on the chart below.

    Mel Fisher's Treasures Mag Hits Shipwreck Atocha Margarita

    They will also be checking a number of large magnetometer hits just to the south of the Margarita Main Pile area. These hits are along the incoming track (green line) of the Margarita and will hopefully lead to some new areas for us to work. Here is an example of one of these hits.

    Mel Fisher's Treasure

    On March 28th the engineers for Dolores are scheduled to come to town and update the inertial navigational system for Dolores, our HAUV to eliminate the position error we've been experiencing. Shortly after that she should be heading to the Atocha site to begin the survey of the deep mud area south of the main pile. We have a few clusters of magnetometer hits down this line and need to investigate them with the EM detection system to see if there are any non-ferrous (silver, gold, bronze) targets mixed in with the iron mag hits.

    "If it were easy everybody would be doing it!" - Mel Fisher

  • Once the Dare is back in service, we're planning to haul the Magruder out for a similar job. We have a few small keel cooler leaks that need repair and we're in the process of considering some new mailboxes as they are starting to get a bit tired.

  • The weather's been lousy so far this month with the Magruder only getting in one short trip so it's a good time to get this much needed maintenance work done and be ready to hit it hard this season!

  • January, 2016

    We hope everyone had a great holiday season and we wanted to give you all an update on what's happening here in Key West this month. The Dare has been hauled out of the water and the crew is currently working hard to clean the bottom after two years of growth in preparation for some fresh bottom paint. During this process, we also inspect all the thru-hull water valves, zincs, transducers and do a full inspection of the hull for any cracks or damage. We are happy to report that the hull and all fittings are in great shape and the crew is almost finished with cleaning and sanding the bottom. If the rain lets up early next week she will have two coats of bottom paint put on, the new zincs installed and a new grounding plate is being installed to give all of our sensitive electrons a good ground path.

  • Once the Dare is back in service, we're planning to haul the Magruder out for a similar job. We have a few small keel cooler leaks that need repair and we're in the process of considering some new mailboxes as they are starting to get a bit tired.

  • Mel Fisher's Treasures

    The weather's been lousy so far this month with the Magruder only getting in one short trip so it's a good time to get this much needed maintenance work done and be ready to hit it hard this season!

  • December, 2015

    Article in Treasure Coast Palm Newspaper.

    “There’s something in there,” says Josh Fisher-Abt, manager of Mel Fisher Treasure Museum and grandson of Mel Fisher. Fisher-Abt used a metal detector Monday to indicate where a box may be inside a cornerstone laid in 1916 at the old Fellsmere School. “If anyone can find treasure, the Fishers can,” said Fellsmere historian Rich Votapka, the leader of the expedition to extract a time capsule from the stone. (LEAH VOSS/TREASURE COAST NEWSPAPERS)
    Click here to read full story

  • November, 2015

    Sand Sculpture Mel Fisher's Treasures


    Second Annual International Sand Art Competition Includes Treasure Dig and Voting for People's Choice KEY WEST, November 16 – Over Thanksgiving weekend, six renowned sand sculptors from arothe world will be competing in the second annual International Sand Art Competition in Key West.

  • Last year, the sand-sculpting event drew over 12,000 spectators to witness the live competition unfold.

  • This free event starts on Wednesday, November 25 and continues throughout the weekend at the Casa Marina (1500 Reynolds St.) Visitors can watch the artists sculpt from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. daily. The sculptures will be lit in the evening starting on Friday, November 27 until 9 p.m. On Friday, November 27, the Mel Fisher Treasure Dig will take place at the Casa Marina at 2 p.m. Festival-goers can purchase a t-shirt that will serve as their ticket for a chance to participate in the Mel Fisher Treasure Dig. This year, a new set of lucky festival-goers will get the chance to dig for their own piece of Mel Fisher's bounty (a coin from 1715 Fleet valued at $950) or one of the numerous other prizes including a gift basket from Tito's Vodka, gift certificates to several high end restaurants in Key West, water sport activities and galleries.

  • On Saturday, the sculptors will put final touches on their sculptures until 12:45 p.m. Judging will take place from 1p.m. until 4 p.m. Visitors will be able to cast their vote for the popular "People's Choice Award" while enjoying live music performed by Miguel Perez and the Bahama Village Rhythm Section. The award ceremony will start at 5 p.m.

    Casa Marina, a Waldorf Astoria resort, is once again hosting the 2015 International Sand Art Competition. Starting on Wednesday, November 25, competitors begin sculpting their masterpieces made from just sand and water. Over the next three and half days, they will work to complete their sculptures, without the use of electric tools, molds, glue or any other tool untrue to the art of sand sculpting. Marianne van den Broek, event organizer and owner of Sand-Isle, the professional sand sculpting business in Key West expects this year's event to be even grander than last year. "We are bringing back some of the favorite sculptors and winners from last year as well as some new faces. They each have their individual talents and the competition will be fierce," promises van den Broek.

  • The 2015 International Sand Art Competition is sponsored in part by the Monroe County Tourism Development Council. For more information about the 2015 International Sand Art Competition, the six competing sand sculptors, and a full calendar of events, visit www.sandartkeywest.com or follow International Sand Art Competition on Facebook.

  • October, 2015
    For Love and Treasure

    For Love and Treasure, written by Monty Joynes, documents the continuing odyssey of the world’s most famous treasure hunters. Monty spent over a year researching and writing this book that tells the tales of our very own, Kim and Lee Fisher. The book depicts the risks, challenges and adventures they both endured in the 25 years following the finding of the ‘Motherlode’ in a way we’ve never read before.

  • Monty commented in his blog, “These explorers are not like us. They possess an indomitable drive to search and discover.” To view the writer’s full blog and description of the book follow this link:


    We’re happy to announce that For Love and Treasure is now available to purchase on our web store. Hit the button below to purchase your very own copy, the first 100 copies will be signed by Fishers.

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  • October, 2015
    Lost Merchant & Atocha Site Update

    Due to the continued bad weather off Cape Canaveral and nearly two weeks of waiting for conditions that would be safe to operate in, we've decided to bring the Dare back home to Key West to begin work on the Atocha and Margarita sites. As you can see in some of the past videos that we posted, it started to become a pretty serious safety issue with seas reaching 6'-8' feet.

    The good news is while executing our 24/7 off-shore operation we covered more ground than we have ever done in the past. This season we covered approximately a 27nm tall x 6.5nm wide area with our digital side scan sonar system and magnetometer extending our search area further to the north (shown below as the green box). After much discussion amongst our team, we decided to go north thinking the strong Gulf Stream currents may have moved our wreck further in this direction before settling on the bottom. Unfortunately, we didn't see the preverbal "smoking gun" target that would make us say "that's it, we found the wreck".

  • sonor

    We do however have a couple side scan sonar targets that do look like they could be very low lying wreckage with fish hanging on them and we were hoping to get back to sea and run the magnetometer over them but too much time was passing at the dock and we felt we needed to get back to work on the sites in Key West.

    We are planning to return next summer to continue this search and move out to the east a bit more to cover that side, then to the west to fill out the current search box area. Currently the Magruder is planning to head back out to sea on Wednesday and the Dare is doing some welding repairs on the mailboxes before installing them and heading back out to the site as well.

    We are happy to welcome a number of members into town this week and are excited to have them joining the crew to dive. If any of our members are in town (or close by) and would like to head out to dive the site, we have space on Thursday so give us a call to reserve your spot at 305-294-5441.

September, 2015
Mel Fisher's Treasures presents check to Wesley House

Key West, Florida Keys-On behalf of the Fisher family, a check in the amount of $18,602.50 as a result of the 2015 Mel Fisher Days' events was presented today to Wesley House Family Services.


The funds will be used as general funds to support local programs and services.

Wesley House Family Services provide services to children and families throughout the Florida Keys. Some of these services include Foster and Adoptive Care, Independent Life Skills & Training, Prevention and Intervention Services, Community Based Care, Healthy Families Monroe, and the Inez Martin Child Development Center. The Wesley House mission is to promote and enhance the safety, well-being and development of children by educating, supporting and meeting the needs of families. The goal of Wesley House is to help our community one family at a time.

Jeremy Wilkerson, Director of Development for Wesley House, says, "We appreciate the support that Mel Fisher's Treasures gives to Wesley House. They're always so generous to the community. Thank you to each of you for the time and dedication you give for the children and families of Monroe County."

Wesley House Chief Executive Director Beth Barrett continues, "We are very pleased with the generosity displayed and are excited to receive the donation this year, which is 20% higher than last year.

"Mel Fisher's Treasures and Wesley House Family Services thank the Key West businesses, volunteers and attendees who supported this event, making it another successful year raising money to assist children families of our island community.

Each year a celebration is held in honor of Mel Fisher's discovery of the Motherlode of the Atocha. Mel Fisher Days 2015 celebrated the 30th Anniversary with attendees from all over the country and many of Mel's Golden Crew from 1985.

100% of all net proceeds from these events were donated to Wesley House Family Services, Inc.

Mel Fisher's legacy lives on through his family, crew and everyone he inspired to never give up. They continue the hunt for the elusive Sterncastle of the Atocha by believing that Today's the Day!

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