Chalice featured in the Robb Report

December, 2010 (Carol Tedesco, Blue Water Ventures) -- The Robb Report, the definitive luxury lifestyle publication for those who really do have everything, has hit the holiday newsstands with its annual offering of the 21 Ultimate Gifts in the entire world. This year, featured among indulgences that include a $44 million super-yacht and expedition, $20 million backyard home theme park, $9.78 million Bugatti sports car package, $2.5 million fighter jet training and combat battle experience, $1.75 million lion-saving expedition with National Geographic explorers—and other selections of almost unimaginable opulence, luxury and adventure—is the magnificent gold chalice discovered by Mel Fisher’s Treasures’ joint venture partners; Keith Webb’s Blue Water Ventures on the Santa Margarita shipwreck expedition.

The discovery, made world-wide news in June of 2008 with the discovery of the precious and fantastically rare vessel, which has continued to hold sway over public imagination due the intriguing mystery of a yet unidentified coat of arms carved in its base.

In addition to a gripping feature article (pages 204 and 206) about the chalice itself by writer Kirstie Swinnerton, Robb Report Senior Vice President and Editor In Chief Brett Anderson devotes the entire From the Editor page (page 58) to Salvage and Salvation – a background history of the 1622 fleet and its mission, researched and written by Anderson himself.

Offered for the sum of $1.3 million, it is not every day that an artifact of this magnificence is made available for purchase. The Robb Report is available at newsstands, at, and in single-issue downloads at

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