Mel Fisher's Bike Wash
Mel Fisher’s Treasures hosted our first Bike Wash during bike week and The Poker Run here in Key West this past weekend. While Friday was a bit slow because everyone was just getting into town and getting settled into their hotels, Saturday was a completely different story. We washed bikes 4 at a time for the entire scheduled length of the bike wash, plus some. At lunch time there was no time for a break, so volunteers were washing bikes with one hand while holding their pieces of pizza in the other. It was a lot of work but we all had a fun time checking out all of the beautiful bikes!

All of the proceeds are being donated to the Michael Abt Jr. Have a Heart Foundation which raises money to have AEDs placed in schools in Florida along with training in their use.

Our biggest thanks goes out to the bikers who donated to the cause and most importantly to our volunteers for giving up a Saturday to come and truly tire themselves out for such a good cause.

Check out these pictures, the bikes were literally lined up down the street waiting to be washed!


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