Gary Hepburn Speaks to Metal Detecting Group!
Gary Hepburn, a Canadian investor with Mel Fisher’s Treasures, was contacted in April by Robin Botting, a member of Rainbow’s End Metal Detectors Association (REMDA) in Hamilton, and asked to talk to their group about his adventures in treasure hunting. Thirty-five members of REMDA, a group of treasure-hunters in their own rite, were present to hear about Gary’s dives and his role in the filming of the Go Deep episode on TV. The group was thrilled to hear the story of Mel Fisher and how Gary came to be a part of their treasure hunt. Most of the members of REMDA are keen history buffs, researching the articles they find hiding just under the surface in parks, beaches, construction sites, etc. Seeing and handling the 400-year-old musket balls, coins, spike and artifacts that were salvaged from the Atocha was almost as much fun for them as it was for Gary to relive the experience.


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