Miami Boat Show Appearance
This year was our first year at the Miami Boat Show. If any of you have been there you know exactly what that means, it is HUGE! Grant Roland, Sean Fisher and Bill Lorraine manned the standing positions at the booth. Joe Beaton, broken foot and all, made it to the show as well. All four of the guys began the trade show week with a 3 hour road trip where the got to spend quality time with each other and with the tradeshow equipment that was packed in tightly around them.

There isn’t a bad booth in the house at the Miami Beach Convention Center and even though we were on the second floor we had a constant flow of visitors including a few familiar faces. Grant, Sean, Bill and Joe were able to let trade show attendees hold pieces of sunken treasure from over 400 years ago and tell the story of Mel Fisher and the Atocha. No matter how many times you tell that story it still brings a sense of excitement, especially when you see somebody’s eyes light up and get bigger at the thought of a sunken Spanish Galleon.

We’ve included some pictures from the show so you can get a feeling of what it was like to be there. We’ll be attending again next year so stop by and visit us!

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