The Magruder crew made it out in between bouts of bad weather and found nearly 500 musket balls! They were found on an extension of the Atocha trail that Captain Andy and his crew have been working throughout the summer and into the fall months. Finding these artifacts indicates we are on the right trail and where there are remnants of the shipwreck and her cargo there will be gold.

As you can see the water has turned a bit chilly and our crewmembers now are adorned with wetsuits and hoods as opposed to the summer months where itís comfortable enough to jump in with just your dive gear and swim suit! Granted we are a bit spoiled and the water temperature is still in the 70s but when they spend nearly 45 minutes working a hole underwater it becomes uncomfortable even at those temperatures. So for those investors who are planning a trip to dive with us this fall or winter: remember your cold weather gear! We are excited to get back out to the site because finding so many musket balls is a very promising sign of greater treasure finds soon to come. The DARE is heading back out to sea today; Todayís the Day!


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