17 New Friends in Olathe, KS!
On a recent trip up north to visit family, I was provided a wonderful opportunity to share the story of Mel Fisher ‘s discovery of over $400 million dollars in treasure lost during the tragic sinking of the Atocha with 17 second grade students at Walnut Grove Elementary in Olathe, KS. The second grade teacher, Mrs. Berthelsen, (my sister) shared information about recent treasure finds with her students after I called her excited with all the latest news. The kids were very informed and asked really great questions about living in the Keys, working at Mel Fishers and specific questions about diving in the ocean and of course, finding treasure. Shortly after returning from my trip, Mel Fisher’s Treasures prepared and sent the students a package containing treasure photos and 17 individual pieces of pottery from the Atocha, one for each student. I am sure Mel’s dream lives on in the hearts of many, and now we can add 17 more to that list. I also want to thank each of the kids for the awesome thank you cards. Hope you enjoy the photos below:


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