Prince Sean in the News!
Sean Fisher has been re-elected as the Crown Prince of the Conch Republic! In the election event held at the Green Parrot he lent his fundraising efforts to help a great cause. A $1 donation was collected for each vote that was cast during the elections and benefited the Conch Republic Children's Fund. The fund allows foster children to have the same unique opportunities children in traditional homes are privileged to, that the foster children otherwise may not have the access to. Things such as having their hair or nails done, having a certain piece of clothing, money to go to an event they're excited to attend, anything that could need. Through this fun event many children's lives will be changed in a positive way and it's the little things that really add up and make a difference in their lives. The event raised more money than ever before reaching $18,000 which is pretty impressive! Mel Fisher maintains his title as King in Perpetuity of the Conch Republic and was one of the founders of the election so we know he is raising his glass to a job well done and is proud the tradition lives on, Today's the Day!


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