Comcast Spends a Day on the JB Magruder!
Comcast, the Florida Key’s tourist information channel, spent the day on the JB Magruder with Kim and Sean Fisher. On their trip they interviewed Kim and Sean as well as members of the Magruder crew. They brought some luck along with them as each hole had a ballast stone in it--two more clues on our way to the sterncastle! Vince Ray, our Comcast representative, was extremely passionate about working with us. Sadly, Vince passed away in his sleep a week before the scheduled trip to the Atocha site. His colleagues Eddie Goldstein, Rob McCall and Peter Mychalcewyvz took over the project and will see it through to production to honor their friend and coworker. The 2 minute piece complete with underwater treasure hunting videography as well as the usual glitter of gold and silver, will air after Labor Day 15 times a day on Comcast Channel 5.

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