The Dare Showcased on Telemundo!
On September 27 the crew of the DARE had their first opportunity to showcase their skills and the newly refurbished vessel. Telemundo, the national Spanish television station, arrived to document our salvage operation at sea. The majority of the crew on the DARE is Hispanic and the interviews done by Natalia, the Telemundo correspondent, were conducted entirely in Spanish. Mel Fisher’s Treasures is thrilled to have our story reach a new audience. Thank you Natalia, JohnPaul and Frank for all of your hard work. The piece will air October 29th, on the program Nitido on Telemundo Network. See how much of the Atocha story and our operation you can figure out when it is told en Español!
Papo is showing cameraman Frank and correspondent Natalia how all of the equipment in the wheelhouse of the DARE operates.
Papo explaining (in Spanish) to the Telemundo crew what the color codes on our charts of the Atocha Trail mean.
Telemundo’s correspondent, Natalia, interviewing Papo on the back deck of the DARE.
The DARE crew documenting their first taste of celebrity.
JohnPaul and Natalia, armed with Dramamine, made it through a day at sea on the DARE and the Huntress!

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