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August, 2012 -- Bill Lorraine
Atocha Emerald Ring Found!

The crew of the Magruder just found an estimated 3-carat, rectangle “box-cut” emerald ring. The setting appears to be 22-karat, straw-colored gold. Seasoned diver Bill Burt discovered the ring in 36 feet of water. Divers also uncovered a foot long pottery sherd and a musket ball in an adjacent hole.

The remarkable find occurred in the quicksands about six miles north of the main pile in a virgin area of the Atocha trail. Divers could see the stratification layers of shell and sand as they entered the excavated hole, which is common in new territory.

They discovered the ring during the rake out phase of the search. This is the final step in the systematic circle search. One of the divers manually uncovers the inside edge of the sand berm where larger rocks tend to settle. The other diver then scans the spread-out sand with the metal detector one last time. It was during one of these scans the detector rang out a welcoming “beep” as it passed over the emerald ring.

Two investors, Carol and Jim Hefferman, were diving the site when the ring was found. They were amazed and excited to be present for such a momentous find. “I really got a feeling of how it must have been for Mel Fisher. How he persisted all those years searching for the Atocha. Then one day, he found it!" Carol Hefferman said.

Congratulations to Bill Burt, Captain Andy, and the hardworking divers aboard the Magruder.

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Atocha Emerald Ring

Atocha Emerald Ring

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