Reserve Your “Emerald City” Trip Early

Sifting for emeralds at the Emerald City site has become one of the favorite events for investors in the Atocha/Margarita Expedition. Here, non-divers can participate in the adventure of finding Atocha emeralds. One of our professional divers with an “airlift” suction device will be at the ocean bottom sucking up the sand, shells and emeralds to the back of the boat, and our investors rake through the piles of sand looking for emeralds. We found 41 emeralds during our most recent visit to the site in July.

Our last trip of the year to Emerald City is scheduled for September 18th – 24th. Call Barb at 305-296-2204 to reserve your spot on the boat. Call early, as this trip fills up fast.

Aqua Survey, our high-tech electronic survey partner, is working a one-mile strip between the Atocha main pile and the site where we have found 9 bronze cannons. Their survey equipment will read deeper into the muddy bottom than we have ever been able to look.


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