Gold Amethyst Ring Found

The crew of the Magruder has submitted their recently found artifacts to the lab this morning which included the beautiful Amethyst Ring found during the middle of their trip. This is a rare one-of-a-kind artifact that Kim Fisher discussed with us from his office, "It is a plain gold band with a large box-shaped gold setting on the top with an amethyst inside. The amethyst is so dark it is almost black.

It probably would have come from a large crystal in order to be that dark. We have found several other rings with similar characteristics without stones in them, or with emeralds, but this is the first ring with an amethyst found on the Atocha site."

As the trail of artifacts expands we are continually excited to see what will be uncovered next. In an area we had been finding carpenter's tools and musket balls we are now finding gold jewelry; there is no telling what might be in that next hole.

Congratulations, again, to Captain Andy and his crew.

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