Anchor Found On Unexplored Part Of The Atocha Trail!
 July 19, 2004 -- Kristen Kunas
KEY WEST - Over the weekend, I hitched a ride with Pat Clyne for a trip out to the Atocha site to meet up with Gary Randolph, Captain of our search vessel R/V Pin Pointer and her crew Dale Jennings, Cliff Sirman and Brian Flanigan to check out the Anchor that was just recently located on an unexplored part of the Atocha Trail.

It was Friday afternoon, July 16th, when Gary Randolph (Captain of the Pin Pointer) and Jose Nelson Garcia (Conservator) were out on the Pin Pointer magging a yet unexplored part of the Atocha Trail where they got a really intense “hit” from the magnetometer, so great that they decided to dive and check it out right away. As they were descending “We saw what appeared to be a crossbar, then the shank of an anchor and then Papo saw the flukes after that,” noted Captain Gary Randolph. The Anchor was found with a broken shank which was reminiscent of one of the Atocha Anchors found back in 1982 which also sported a broken shank. That anchor is now prominently displayed at the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum in Key West.

So, could this be another Atocha anchor? If it is, what can it tell us? Things are really starting to stir around here, so stay tuned- “Today’s The Day!”
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