J.B. Magruder Finds Interesting Artifact!
 August 21, 2006 -- Ron Pierson
In addition to finding 10 more silver coins, 21 musket balls and a skeleton key, the JB Magruder’s last trip to the “Bank of Spain” resulted in a very interesting new find; what appears to be a gold wash religious artifact. Although it is difficult to know the exact history of this amazing artifact, it is certainly a unique new find that is attracting a lot of attention here in the lab.
During the conservation process, much more will be learned abaout this amazing find.
It appears as though the relief is of a woman facing to her left with one hand on her mid section and the other next to her face. She also appears to be holding some type of object in the hand next to her face.
Small bits of gold wash are visible near the edge of the artifact.
Captain Andy shows more of the gold wash that is attached to the encrustation.
Is the person depicted on the artifact a Saint or some other religious figure? So far, it remains a mystery.
Check back often to learn what we discover during the conservation process.

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