Blue Water Crew Finds First Gold!
 August 15, 2006 -- Morgan Perkins
The Crew of the Blue Water Rose recovered their first gold from the Margarita site. Showing they are quick learners with a keen eye for treasure hunting, the guys brought up a small gold flake followed shortly thereafter by a gold floweret with raised filigree design, both recovered by Diver Chris Rackley. The ornate gold floweret was likely a part of a rosary.

Congratulations to Blue Water Ventures and the crew of Blue Water Rose!
Capt. Glen Jackson brings the newly recovered artifacts into the lab for check in.
Gold! These are the first two pieces of gold recovered by the crew of the Blue Water Rose (a gold flake is to the left), and more is sure to follow.
The gold flowerette.
Encrusted objects and ceramics also recovered on the most recent trip to the Margarita site.
First silver coin found this year form the Margarita. It looks like a 2 reales, we shall see.

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