Busy Summer for J.B. Magruder!
 July 31, 2006 -- Morgan Perkins
Three of the 17 new coins at different stages of conservation. What a fantastic find by the Magruder crew .
One of two musket ball caches recovered from the most recent trip. Note the variety of caliber.
Encrusted iron skillet, only a small nub of the long handle remains. On average the handle was 24 inches in length to keep the galley crew from burning their fingers on the fire. We can tell that this artifact is iron before even opening the encrustation by the fact that it is magnetic and there are orange rust stains on the underside that have seeped through a crack in the crust.
One of two iron cannonballs recovered on the same day in close proximity to one another. These are a hot commodity around here, we just donít find many of them any more. This picture depicts the cannonball in one of our electrolysis tanks. The hose clamp gives us something to attach the alligator clip to and acts as a conduit from the power supply.
Encrusted iron projectile, definitely a fierce piece of artillery. The next step for this piece and the iron skillet, is the pneumatic air scribe, which acts very much like a dental drill and removes the hard encrustation surrounding the artifact.
Fast forward a few months and you have your completely conserved artifact. This fully conserved iron projectile was discovered in 2000.

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