Emerald City Produces Again!
 September 28, 2006 -- Sharon Wiley
The week of September 18 our investors had the unique opportunity to go out to the "Emerald City" site and work alongside the J.B. Magruder crew sifting for coveted Atocha emeralds. As one diver operated the airlift, investors and other crewmembers on deck sifted through all of the sediment and water that was pulled to the surface via airlift. These die-hard treasure hunters kept a sharp eye out for the emeralds that are unnaturally green compared to the other material that moved through the trays. Their vigilance paid off as a total of 40 emeralds were recovered during the week of panning, each just as exciting as the first. Itís hard to explain what it feels like to actually find a piece of treasure that nobody else has seen in nearly 400 years so if you havenít had the opportunity yet, come down for a visit and find your own piece of Atocha history!
Investors had the opportunity to make daily trips to "Emerald City", for a week in September to sift for Atocha Emeralds with the crew of the J.B. Magruder.
Don Kincaid, CJ Rhoades, Jeannie Higgins, Linda Cooper, Charles Cooper, Bill Burt and John Higgins concentrating on finding those green emeralds!
Diver Bill Burt of the J.B. Magruder crew using the airlift at "Emerald City". The material is lifted to a large series of trays on the Magruder.
Jeannie Higgins, Sharon Wiley, Charles Cooper, Joe Beaton, and Linda Cooper sifting through pounds of material looking for emeralds!
John Higgins holding the little piece of treasure he found!
Can I keep it, please?
Joe Beaton, Linda Cooper, Andy Matroci, Charles Cooper and Kent Van Raalte are taking a break from sifting and preparing their gear to go diving near the area where the Atocha Motherload was discovered in 1985.
Bill makes using the airlift look easy, but it's not. Lucky for the investors above, he is experienced and a hard worker.
The business end of the airlift.
Bill follows the airlift hose as he ascends to the surface for a much needed break.

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