Galleon Anchor Found
 August 20, 2005 -- Cliff Sirman
KEY WEST - Captain Gary Randolph and 1st Mate John Corcoran find a galleon anchor while magging aboard our new survey boat, The Huntress. WOW! This thing is so cool. It took several days and lots of dives to move enough sand off of it so it could be identified. The anchor was located approximately a mile South of the main pile and is pointing direcly toward it. It's amazing that after being on the ocean floor for almost 400 years that the wood that makes up the stock is still in place. What is even more amazing is that hemp rope is still attached to the ring! Check out these photos:
Another view of the Anchor. Gary's Dive knife on the ring.
Closeup of a stock pin on the left. A stock pin on the right.
Proper underwater archaeology in action. Every detail is
recorded for later study.
John gives the "OK" sign that he's satisified with the measurements and nothing was missed.
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