Margarita Gold Breaks Water!
Margarita Gold Breaks Water!

We love finding gold. Its sheer beauty captures the imaginations of all treasure hunters. Last week Captain Dan Porter of the Blue Water Rose, working in partnership with Mel Fisher’s Treasures, found two pieces of a solid gold chain on the debris trail of the Santa Margarita which is the sister ship of the Atocha. The two ships sank in the same hurricane in 1622 and Mel Fisher first found part of the Margarita in 1980.

The newly discovered gold chains appear to be of identical design; possibly two pieces of the same, longer chain. One section contains 151 links and is 8 and 1/2 inches long; the other section has 83 links and measures 4 and 3/4 inches. These two gold artifacts were found 176 feet apart, leading to speculation that the original gold chain was broken and scattered during the violent storm that sank the ship four centuries ago.

As Mel Fisher used to say, “Gold shines forever.” These gold chains were not encrusted with ocean debris when they were found. They were the same yellow-gold color as the day they were lost at sea. Gold is an inert metal that does not oxidize like silver does, and nothing sticks to gold even after hundreds of years in the ocean.

Finding gold in the ocean is an experience most people can only dream about, but for our investors, that dream could become a reality. We hope you will join us in our ongoing quest to find the missing gold, silver and emeralds on the Atocha and Margarita wrecksites.


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