Treasure Coast Living Up To Its Name!
 August 25, 2004 -- Taffi Fisher Abt
FORT PIERCE - “Today’s the Day!” MORE GOLD AND SILVER FOUND!! The Treasure Coast lives up to its’ name yet again. A fabulous ornate gold bracelet along with many other beautifully worked silver items and other artifacts were recovered by the salvage crew of the m/v RPM captained by Kim Glaner. Kim and his father, Sterling Glaner, are spending their 10th summer together underwater searching the sands offshore of the treasure coast for lost riches. The Glaner’s are working the shipwrecks which sank in a hurricane in 1715. They are working under an agreement with the Mel Fisher Center and Museum in Sebastian Florida who holds the State contracts to salvage the ships. The treasure was found on the site known as the Cabin Wreck, just south of Sebastian Inlet. The artifacts recovered there in the past have left a trail that runs nearly three miles. This site was one of the first where Roseland local, Kip Wagner, started finding coins on the beach in the early 1960s’ resulting in the naming of the “Treasure Coast”. The ill fated fleet of ships wrecked along our shores during a hurricane in 1715 taking with them over 700 lives.

Today, the Glaner’s brought their finds in to the conservation lab of the Mel Fisher Museum. The treasure trove included an ornate intact silver cross over five inches tall, four elaborate silver forks with twisted handles tipped with dancing ladies, several pieces of a large silver platter with a intricate floral design, an intact olive jar neck and a small silver box encrusted shut. Anticipation mounted as Mel Fisher Center Conservator, Bill Moore , delicately opened the silver box for the first time in 289 years. It was filled with sand. The crew was only slightly disappointed because the box was a small part of their entire find.

“Today’s the Day!” said Taffi Fisher Abt, daughter of the world's greatest treasure hunter Mel Fisher who started began salvage expeditions on the Treasure Coast in the early 1960’s. “I give these guys a lot of credit, it is really tough work to find small artifacts in that big ocean.” Twenty adventurous crews have subcontracted with the Fisher Group this summer to search for the elusive 1715 Fleet treasure this summer. The salvage season just began in late May. There are only about 100 days a year that these sites can actually be worked due to weather conditions.

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