Unique Artifacts in Conservation
Through the summer we have been continuing work on what has been dubbed the Carpenter's Trail. A recently found encrusted object has been in the conservation process and has emerged to be an in tact vice. The tightening mechanism is still in very good condition and it is rather incredible to see that a hand made tool from the early 1600s has many of the same qualities as a modern day vice. As you will find in the video interview below with Senior Conservator John Corcoran it is quite rare to find iron tools in such good condition.

A larger cast iron cannon ball is also currently in electrolysis along with a split shot cannon which are both pictured below. The split shot cannon is a variation of your average cannon that would cause far more destruction.

We have also recovered a pick axe. Again, it is interesting to see how little some of the tools have changed over the span of 387 years. This artifact is pictured below.

The fact that the trail of artifacts is continuing is a very promising indicator that we have found yet another section of the ship in our continued search for the Sterncastle. The artifacts are all still in electrolysis and will be available for viewing in VIP lab tours during September's Emerald City trip.

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