Margarita Site Seeing Action
 July 11, 2006 -- Ron Pierson
The activity on the Margarita site is really heating up. The "Blue Water Rose" came in last week with about eight large buckets filled with artifacts from the site. Along with the many pottery shards and iron spikes they also brought in a round padlock and some very unique pottery. They are currently searching an area north of the main site where they had started a magnetometer survey last year. As they are working through the list of mag hits, they are finding quite a few Margarita artifacts in this area. The density of the artifacts in this area leads us to believe that a large section of the ship went through this spot.

Within the next week or two, the "Blue Water Ventures" guys plan on taking their new survey vessel out to continue the mag survey from last year. They've purchased a brand new Geometrics 882 magnetometer and we're going to be giving them a bit of training with this new unit to get them started in the right direction.
"Blue Water Rose" crew learning how to check in artifacts in the lab.
Captain Glen Jackson going over his log sheets.
Marc shooting some video of Chris and Gary talking about the artifacts.
One of the many piles of tagged and bagged artifacts being checked in.
Some of the EO's being examined.
More artifacts being counted and logged.
Gary's showing the guys a gold bar. "This is what you're looking for!"
Tags being attached to the artifacts so they don't come off during conservation.
Gary and the "Blue Water Rose" crew going over artifact handling procedures.
Keith Webb, owner of BWV and friend Manny the "shark guy" watching all the action.

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