Atocha Coin Grade

A clean strike should exists both on the obverse and reverse. No pitting or erosion should be evident except for details missing at the edges.

Grade two should resemble a Grade 1 coin except for the smudging, discoloration, cracks or erosion that obscure the detail outline for Grade 1.

One side should be fairly legible and the other reasonably so. The piece should resemble a Grade 2 coin except for pitting; absence of detail on either shield or cross; discoloration; erosion of one edge beyond the mint, assayer or denomination spaces at the sides; or erosion of the entire crown at top or into shield at the bottom.

One side should be identifiable as a coin of this period by any of the details given in the three higher grades.

This specimen retains coin shape and some weight. There are no identifiable details.

This specimen may only be a fragment of a coin. There may be some identifiable details.


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