Today’s the Day for Margarita Gold!
 June 13, 2007 -- Gary Randolph
Today was the day.....for Keith Webb, President and CEO of Blue Water Ventures of Key West, a group of dedicated treasure finders sub-contracting on the Margarita site for Mel Fisher’s. I just got a very exciting call from Captain Greg Bounds of the Blue Water Rose. He said, “WE FOUND GOLD!” They hit a spot that produced some amazing treasures. As of today they are up to 8 gold chains (two are 4’-5’ long, the others are 1’-2’ long), 1 gold bar that sounds like a “swizzle stick” because it’s very long and skinny and 11 ornate gold links that appear to fit together which may be a belt of some sort. There are also 3 very ornate pieces of gold that look to be from the same collection. But the most intriguing piece is an encrusted lead box that we first thought was silver or pewter. It has rounded ends, is 6”-8” long and as Greg put it, “it’s very heavy!” WOW that box could have anything inside, gold coins and chains, emeralds and other jewels, emerald rings, maybe another emerald cross like the one in our Key West Museum. This is the stuff that treasure dreams are made of! Greg assured me they are resisting the temptation to try and open it at sea and will keep it in water until it’s brought into our Key West conservation lab to be properly conserved. This will be one exciting story to follow…stay tuned for the latest on the “Mystery Treasure Box.”

Congratulations to Keith Webb, Captain Greg Bounds and the entire Blue Water team. Your persistence and dedication has just paid off for us all! You’re all doing an incredible job at keeping the Margarita site active and productive and I’m sure you’re hot on the trail to the elusive Margarita Main Pile.

To view the opening of the pearl box Click Here!
For more info on the Blue Water guys go to

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