Trip Planner


Atocha/Margarita Investor Trip Planner

The policies and guidelines to follow have been put together to help answer any questions you may have about visiting the Atocha and / or Margarita wreck sites. A trip to the site can be a wonderful experience and it is our intention that you have a fun, safe, memorable day of treasure hunting.

For your safety and the safety of others around you, please read and follow the information and guidelines below:

Trips to the site are done on a DAILY - Day Trip basis only. No overnight visits are permitted.

Each current investor is entitled to visit the wreck site and may bring a spouse and or family member. Any additional trips or guests may be considered based on possible discretionary factors. Definition of “current investor” - your contract is current at the time of the trip. Your contract must be current in order to go out to the site, no exceptions.

The crews on board the salvage vessels are professional treasure hunters. It’s important to remember that this is a salvage operation and not a recreational dive charter. The crew has a very methodical plan and routine while working the site. Their job is to find treasure. In the interest of maximum productivity for you and the company alike we need to not hinder their flow. The Captain will determine the dive schedule and who will dive when. As a guest to the site, we are visiting and joining in the already existing plan. Remember that as much as they are looking forward to seeing our partners out there they are not meant to be Dive Masters and while looking for Treasure cannot safely look after guests on the boat. For safety reasons a certified dive master will be hired to accompany you out to the site. Obviously you need to be a qualified, strong, and self-sufficient diver.

The boats are on the site as much as possible. Bad weather, unforeseen issues, or mechanical problems may force the boats to be in port. We will make every attempt to get you to the site while you are in town however you must understand that there are no guarantees. If you cannot get out to the site while you are here, you may come back and try again at your earliest convenience.

Before leaving for the site Everyone must have Read, Understood, Filled out, Signed, and/or made copy’s of the following forms:

• Boat release form.

• Policy and guidelines sheet

• Copy of drivers license

• If you intend to dive, a copy of your certification card

• If you intend to dive, read and sign the divers guidelines sheet.

• If you intend to dive, read and sign the equipment checklist.

These forms make up the “trip pack”. When coming to dive the site you must hand deliver an updated copy of your “trip pack” to the salvage boat captain.

A Coast Guard Licensed Charter Vessel is mandatory to take you to the site and back for your Day Trip. The investor relations department will set up the charter for you. Due to liability reasons, you are not allowed to take your or a friend’s private boat to the site.

A certified and insured Dive Master will be appointed by the investor relations department to accompany you out to the site.

Pack a Lunch: Our salvage crews have limited provisions on board. Please bring whatever you would like to eat and drink for the day. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the salvage vessels or on the charter boats.

Dress for the weather. Generally in the winter months it’s much cooler on the water than on shore and in the summer months it’s much warmer. Suntan lotion is always a good idea.

If you get involved in recovering treasure and artifacts aboard one of the salvage vessels, upon finding such items you must turn them over to the Captain or designated crewmember immediately. You will be allowed to take photographs of the finds. Make sure when the artifact is tagged and bagged your name is put on the bag and in the captains log sheet as you may be able to receive this piece in your division! Call the investor relations department with the tag number so they can note it in the database for division time.

Under no circumstances are investors allowed to bring metal detectors and or spear guns.

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to visit the site.