Atocha Margarita Expedition


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The Huntress Mel Fishers Treasures


One of the major attractions in all of the Florida Keys is Mel Fisher's Museum, located right in Old Town Key West. Also in the building, which houses and displays to the public millions in recovered Spanish treasures, are the offices and conservation laboratories of the men and women who continue to carry out Mel Fisher's legacy. It's from here that Mel and his "Golden Crew," as he liked to call them, brainstormed the search for the Atocha and her sister ship, Santa Margarita. It was this unrelenting search that held a spellbound world in fascination, while one man, undeterred by government interference and financial and personal hardships continued to follow his dream.

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The Dare Mel Fishers Treasures

The Dare


Magruder Mel Fishers Treasures

JB Magruder

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